YoungSurf is a beach lifestyle brand built for the conscious woman, on the premise of Poise, Style and Grace.

Our vision is to take our customers on a global odyssey, exploring the rich imagery, colour and textures from across the globe, embodied within each collection of the most beautiful wetsuits in the world.

In everything that we do, we seek to empower women to reach their absolute potential in and out of the water.



Naomi Young, born in the early 70’s the eldest daughter of Nat Young, one of surfing's tribal elders, and World Champion surfer. She was born to the beach but has travelled the world as a first class international air hostess experiencing the value systems of many cultures, seeing first hand the true human cost of consumerism and capitalism and the inherent beauty in local art and craft.  All of these experiences have shaped how she thinks and acts both personally and professionally. 

She knows the ocean, knows design, and is committed to both form and function, aesthetics and beauty, but not at the expense of purpose. Naomi is deeply spiritual and committed to ethical consumerism. 

YoungSurf is the culmination of research and design and years of thought. YoungSurf combines Naomi’s passions for elegant design, care for self and the environment, ethical business practices and a desire to upcycle and reinvigorate both the raw materials used in her products and the partners she has chosen in their making.

Naomi has founded, developed and run successful fashion and homewares businesses. In doing so she has developed partnerships with local and international suppliers and worked at all stages of both the development of the business and its operation.